•  The Big Bang is 13.8 billion years old…
  • The formation of the sun in our galaxy occurred 4.57 billion years ago
  • The formation of the earth occurred a little later, 4.54 billion years ago.
  • Bacteria and viruses formed 3.8 billion years ago
  • The first mammals appeared 200 million years ago…
  • The first hominids (great apes) appeared 20 million years ago.
    Homo sapiens,
  • the modern man to whom today’s human species is directly related, appeared only 300,000 years ago, 3,799,700,000 years after the viruses and bacteria that are still present in our daily environment.

Should we not reflect on the following question, as Patrick Ledrappier seems to be asking us: if bacteria and viruses had been an obstacle to the emergence and incredible development of the human species on earth, why would we be here then? And to remember that there are more bacteria in our digestive tract, from mouth to anus, than there are human cells in our entire body.Today, science confirms that microbes are an essential link in the regulation of the human balance and of species in general. The human microbiota is a prime example of this. In recent years, its study has attracted increasing scientific interest. With this pandemic, these microorganisms now appear to be general regulators of the whole of humanity.
Modern man has forgotten that he is an integral part of nature and that the earth “Gaya” is a living organism in its own right with its own systems of regulation. Globalization and the financialization of the economy of the XX and XXI century have become a real disease of our humanity with catastrophic repercussions on our planet and its various ecosystems. In spite of the many alerts and the various world summits to remedy it, the response has been slow to come. 

“He who picks a flower disturbs a star”.

Faced with these disorders inflicted on the planet, the Living, the regulatory system of Life has reacted and will react more and more to our inertia. This pandemic should awaken us and make us aware of our way of being on earth. We must marvel at the ingenuity of this system which is capable of stopping the financial markets when it was thought that nothing could prevent them from going as far as the total destruction of the planet.
We are not talking about catastrophism, conspiracy or any other unscientific rhetoric, but about the observation and scientific description of a balance of a biological system in action.
One of the elements of the global disease of financialization is fear. It is fear that drives a section of the population to accumulate beyond reason. This fear is also the key element in what is currently happening in the world with the coronavirus. Without this fear there would be no global panic and so many consequences. There would just be one more epidemic in the world. We can say that the coronavirus is attacking the root of the evil at its root, the root of the fear that governs the world and finance. In that sense, it is perfectly adequate. After a few months, the coronavirus has brought down global growth. It probably sounded the death knell of globalization. Everyone realizes that going back to the local level is good and avoids many supply problems.
This pandemic is prompting human beings to redefine their place no longer outside the world but at the heart of the world, totally interdependent with other objects in the world. As an English poet wrote, “He who picks a flower disturbs a star”.

Coronavirus saves millions of Chinese from pollution

It’s important to know that air pollution doesn’t just make you cough. It kills people en masse. Every year, 7 million people die worldwide because they breathe air that is too polluted by fine particles. These numbers of the latest death toll are published on Wednesday 2 May by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which sounds the alarm. This is more than the cumulative deaths from AIDS (1.1 million), tuberculosis (1.4 million), diabetes (1.6 million) and road accidents (1.3 million).

In China, pollution is responsible for 4,000 premature deaths a day. The coronavirus epidemic has slowed down the Chinese economy and considerably reduced pollution as a result of factory closures (…) Paradoxically, the epidemic will save lives by limiting pollution, something that is never discussed in debates or in the media.

As you can see the difference between the air pollution before and after the outbreak of Corona (Edit)

Let us hope that this pandemic will be able to generate a planetary contamination which will cause our consciousness to grow so that Man can grow and put himself on the path of his proper humanization. A path that will lead him to assume his responsibility as “God’s Lieutenant on Earth” as willed by his Creator.

Original text is in French.[1]
Written by Dr. Abdelghani Saidane

[1] Source: http://asaidane.mystrikingly.com/blog/le-coronavirus-une-opportunite-pour-changer-de-paradigme?fbclid=IwAR1-6MWjfvH4yRXaBRvc2bjHEeZkWrIJXGJepeM3Ymqt__QA8kevNxgNufU

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